Puller and Paynich Appointed To Board:   FY20 Budget Passed:  Strategic Planning To Begin

            The merger between the Massachusetts Association For Professional Law Enforcement (MAPLE) and the former Massachusetts Association of Criminal Justice Educators (MACJE) was completed Thursday March 5, 2020, when the MAPLE Board of Directors approved 16 applications for membership from the former organization.   Meeting at Stonehill College, the Board unanimously approved membership applications for the following persons:  Jason Paynich, Stephen Morreale, Richard Talbot, Patrick Faiella, Vania Mauricio, Alex Sanchez,  Sheila Foley, Meredith Spencer, Scott Joubert, Anne Marie Mires, Michael Stevens, Jeremiah Benton, Kevin Borgeson, Sandra ONeil, David DiNapoli and Mark Gaudette.   The merger resulted in a 46% boost in membership and a 36% increase in MAPLE’s treasury.  President Galvin was tasked with reaching out to the new members an extending them a warm welcome, as well as arranging for their orientation to the organization.  Among the new additions are members of the Boston and Springfield Police Departments, a former member of the US DEA, several former and current police officers and criminal justice professors, who are currently teaching at several well know universities, colleges and junior colleges.  The new memberships give MAPLE a statewide reach.

The Board also voted to appoint former MAPLE Vice President Al Puller and former MACJE president Jason Paynich to the Board of Directors.   The Board has the authority to fill vacancies for the term in which a vacancy occurs.  There were two vacancies on the Board due to an open seat during the 2019 election, and the untimely death of Board Member William Coulter in September 2019.   The newly appointed members will face election in the spring of 2021.

A $4300 budget was unanimously approved at the meeting.  This budget represents the first formal financial plan presented in MAPLE’s short history.  Budget revenues were garnered from three sources; membership dues, the MACJE merger and donations.  Budget highlights include; a $200 allocation for contingencies ( such as memorials and plaques), a $100 discretionary fund for the President,  $2882.00 allotted to Free cash and a $450.00 allocation for budget stabilization. ( A copy of the budget is attached).

A strategic planning committee was approved by the board.  This committee will conduct and on-going process of collecting and analyzing information relating to MAPLE’s mission for the purpose of determining its direction and priorities.  The Board voted Ed Denmark as the chair of the committee and authorized him to solicit members interested in joining.

President Galvin briefed the board on three key initiatives he will be working on during the course of this year (1) organizing a legislative forum for police reform on Beacon Hill (2) welcoming and orienting all the new members (3) identifying an appropriate topic and venue for a public education event.

The date for the spring general meeting was also established.   May 27th 2020 was set as the date, so mark it in your calendars.  The meeting will be held at Stonehill College and will convene at 1.00PM.  The agenda has yet to be developed, but Bob Murphy moved that the President reach out to State Auditor Suzanne Bump and invite her as a guest speaker on the topic of Police Training and P.O.S.T.   Auditor Bump has been very outspoken in support of reforms involving both of these two issues.  Murphy’s motion was seconded and approved by an unanimous vote.



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