The preamble of the United States Constitution commits every American generation to the cause of perfecting our union. The members of the Massachusetts Association For Professional Law Enforcement (MAPLE) have chosen the improvement our nation’s police service as their contribution to this effort.   Comprised of current, former and retired police officers, and criminal justice educators, MAPLE’s aim is to increase public support for policing by improving its quality and effectiveness.

Pursuant to this, MAPLE has established its reform agenda as follows:

1.) A state-wide authority to guide and enforce standards of police conduct and training, this would include the certification of police officers

2.) A minimum requirement of an Associate’s Degree, for police candidates, with a core concentration in Criminal Justice, to ensure that they are prepared to deal with the increasingly complex nature of police work.

3.) Adequate funding for the Municipal Police Training Council, the agency primarily responsible for training municipal police officers.

4.) A mental health and stress reduction program for police officers, with 24/7 availability.

5.) A Blue Ribbon Commission to review the Massachusetts State Police.

As Americans, we pride ourselves as a nation of law.  The collective experience of our members has taught us, that the law will never be respected until those who enforce it are.   The agenda outlined above, in our judgement, is the best road map toward that goal.


Dennis J. Galvin


Massachusetts Association For

Professional Law Enforcement



Further Info:    This Letter To The Editor was forwarded to  the following news outlets: Cape Code Times, Fall River Herald, South Coastal Standard Times, Worcester Telegram and Gazette, Boston Herald, Boston Globe,  Patriot Ledger, Lawrence Eagle Tribune, Haverhill Gazette, Mass Live, Gloucester Daily News, Brockton Enterprise, Berkshire Eagle, Chicopee Register, Daily Holyoke Gazette.  Let us know if you see it in print.


Update on Peter Carnes


Peter Carnes continues his fight against cancer.  His lymphoma is in remission, however he has been diagnosed with early stage esophageal cancer and will be under-going treatment. Peter is one of the original founders of MAPLE.  His professional reputation and interpersonal skills helped build the foundation for this organization. MAPLE owes him a lot.  I am sure that he would like to hear from everyone. Please remember him in your prayers.


Dues Reminder:


            The new year has come and it is time for members to renew their memberships for 2020.

Dues remain $50.00.  Please forward your dues checks to:


PO Box 323

Westford MA 01886

and help keep this ship afloat.




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