Massachusetts Association For Professional Law Enforcement

“The Law will never be respected, until those who enforce it are !!”


The vision of the Massachusetts Association for Professional Law Enforcement (MAPLE) is to enhance full professional recognition of the police service in the United States.  This will have been attained, when the level of quality and effectiveness of law enforcement services,  as provided to every citizen in our nation, helps achieve the claim, that American law enforcement best exemplifies the values of integrity, competence, justice, courage and compassion among the democratic societies of the world.


To support the police service by advocating for those best practices that will improve

  • safety – selection – training – deployment
  • management of police officers

To educate the public about the vital role the police play – defending the homeland – maintaining social stability – administering justice.


Truth:    This organization believes that progress can only be made with a full understanding of circumstances as they actually are.  Problems must be solved through a fair, unbiased evaluation of facts that can support logical conclusions.

Competence:  The organization shall always endeavor to utilize evaluation methods that are based upon sound and accepted practices.  Knowledge, judgment and propriety shall characterize the organization’s actions and that of its members.

Collaboration:  The organization shall be committed to building partnerships with those persons and organizations who share mutual goals.  Dialogue with all interests seeking the improvement in the quality of  law enforcement in the United States shall be standard policy.

Communication:   The organization acknowledges an obligation to share information with the public.  The intent and purpose of this is to help inform the general public about the critical issues facing law enforcement and how those issues will impact them.

Integrity:   The organization is committed to conducting its activities in a fully transparent manner, in conformance with the law and the highest ethical standards.

Dedication:  The sole focus of the activities and initiatives undertaken by this organization shall be toward the improvement of American law enforcement, consistent