Three Seats Remain Open, All Nominees Are Uncontested

The nomination period for this year’s election of officers will close this Saturday at midnight. There are nine elected leadership positions in the organization. These positions are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Five Directors. As of this writing, the following nominations have been received. Director # 1- Kathleen Dennehy, Director # 2- Alfred Puller, Secretary- Marcel Beausoleil, Treasurer- William Rose, Vice President- Bob Champagne and President- Dennis Galvin. Thus far three seats ( Directors #3,4,5) remain open. Anyone interested in seeking a position on the Board, to either fill one of the open seats or to challenge those already nominated, should contact the Election Commissioner, Robert Murphy at 508-517-6079, email He will explain the process and can take nominations. The nine elected positions comprise MAPLE’s Board of Directors. The Board’s responsibility is to manage the organization’s assets and maintain the continuity of its policies and position in between general membership meetings. It is an excellent way of getting to know the members of the organization and of influencing its direction.

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