Executive Board Update

Plans For YouTube Program Approved

Authorization to begin preparations for the MAPLE’s annual spring general meeting were approved at a recent Board of Directors meeting held in late March. Tentative plans are to return to the Fruitland’s facility in Harvard MA. More information will be released as it is received. The Board also reviewed MAPLE’s voter eligibility list for the upcoming election of officers. Final approval was granted for those, eligible to receive ballots. Six persons were dropped from the roles, largely due to deaths, relocations and retirements, leaving MAPLE membership at 45. The Treasurer reported that the Treasury is growing, and that all invoices have been paid and the organization is debt free.

            The Police Leadership Committee offered its report, informing the Board that considerable work is near completion on a definitive police reform statement.  The statement will be all encompassing to include references to policing in general along with first line supervision, senior management and training.  The Committee expressed its hope that this statement could be presented to the general membership in the spring.  The Mental Health committee reported that it has conducted its first meeting and there is quite a bite of material to explore, however there are resources and expertise available.

Plans to produce programming on Youtube were approved. Working in conjunction with Massasoit community college, MAPLE intends to produce a series entitled “Inside Policing”. The program will involve a discussion format in which various subjects of interest in policing and police reform will be examined. These discussion will be filmed and posted on Youtube and available to the general public.

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