Wakefield Incident

            The Massachusetts Association For Professional Law Enforcement is one of the largest advocacy groups in the state supporting police reform and professionalism.  We are an organization of former, current and retired law enforcement officials and criminal justice educators, who are deeply concerned about and seek to improve the quality and effectiveness of the police.  We are releasing this statement regarding the incident that occurred in Wakefield this morning.     Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.  

Dennis Galvin



July 3rd 2021




Early this morning, a Massachusetts State Trooper on patrol encountered a potentially explosive situation on rte I-95 in Wakefield.  Eleven heavily armed men had stopped on the roadway to service vehicles they were driving, when the Trooper came to their assistance.  The Trooper observed and inquired about weapons in plain view and consequently two of the men were taken into custody, while several others fled into the wooded and residential areas along the highway. A full tactical response by members of Mass State Police Troop A and STOP team members was initiated and an extended standoff began.     Troopers established a perimeter and were able to contain the situation while State Police negotiators went to work.  After several tense hours of negotiation, which included a complete shutdown of I-95 in the Wakefield area, the men gave themselves up and the situation was resolved without loss of life or injury.  

The Massachusetts Association For Professional Law Enforcement wishes to acknowledge and commend the professional performance demonstrated by the Massachusetts State Police in response to this incident.  Their response exemplified some of the highest ideals of professional policing: preparation, skill, teamwork and restraint.  Their combined performance this morning averted a potentially catastrophic incident.  The people of this Commonwealth should be proud and grateful for the courage and professionalism that these troopers displayed in resolving this incident.


          “ The Law Will Never Be Respected Until Those Who Enforce It Are ”

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