“Black and Blue” Program and Symposium Generate Positive Comments

     The Massachusetts Association For Professional Law Enforcement sponsored two public education initiatives this year.   The first was “Black and Blue”, a video program, that tried to provide some insight into the issues related to race and policing.  The other was a symposium focused on “Use of Force/Threshold Inquiries”.  Both of these have been received with very positive responses.  Professor Anne Marie Rocheleau of Stonehill College ( MAPLE member) has advised us, that she presented “the black and blue” program to her classes and has received excellent responses.   Several of her students have written to her indicating, that they found the program very insightful and relevant to concerns that they have had.   The students at Fitchburg State University have also shared their insights with Professor Marcel Beausoleil ( MAPLE member) with regard to our “Use of Force,/Threshold Inquiry” symposium.  They have resoundingly affirmed the value of the presentations. A comment from one of the students is attached please read it.


             One of MAPLE’s goals is to educate the public about the role and mission of the police . Members, Al Puller, Mark Archer, Ed Denmark and Mike Conti, made significant contributions toward that goal this year.  Their honesty and forthrightness were immediately recognized by the audiences, who watched them. At a time when American Policing needs positive role models, who can offer clarity and hope, these members delivered.  Job Well Done.    As in all great things, when you are in the trenches under fire, it seems like no one cares about you, but the standing order of the 8 th Air Force during WWII was a simply “do your job!!”.    MAPLE is doing its job and will continue to do so, with the help and support of all its committed and talented members.


MAPLE will close out its year, with a general membership meeting to be held at Stonehill College on December 18th 2019 between 1.00PM and 3.00PM.  We will have coffee and cookies this year (promise). The agenda is shaping up to be real interesting.  We will provide it, when it is finalized, along with other details.  We are looking forward to seeing you all there.  I can confidently report that when it comes to police reform, we still remain the only game in town.  

                “ The Law Will Never Be Respected Until Those Who Enforce It Are !”

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