Police Reform Group Celebrates First Year of Incorporation
            The Massachusetts Association For Professional Law Enforcement celebrates its first anniversary today as an incorporated 501C4 corporation registered in this Commonwealth.   The organization has been a leading advocate for State Police reform and a strong advocate for the establishment of a  Police Officer Standards and Training authority for all state and local law enforcement.  Those of you, who were willing to step forward and sign on to this cause made this organization a living reality. It has become a beacon for all those, who believe in fair, equitable and professional policing.
MAPLE’s newly elected Board of Directors were recently called upon to deliberate the issue of whether to accept memberships from elected government officials.  On a 6-1-1 vote, the Board rejected such memberships in favor of preserving political neutrality.   In other matters,  President Galvin and former Vice President Al Puller met with Dave Andrews, the State Police Inspector General providing him with our management analysis of the State Police, and pledging our support for his efforts.   MAPLE has been invited to meet with Senator Sonia Chang Dias and her staff this month, to discuss support for H2146, a bill that would create a commission to study the implementation of a POST system in Massachusetts.  The Standards Committee is also heavily engaged in the discussion over the issue of police and higher education.  MAPLE is out, about and working.
            Please have a happy fourth of July on Thursday. Let us join together in the remembrance that the freedom and liberty we enjoy today has been bought and paid for in blood and sacrifice, and that the struggle to preserve and expand it continues.  Always remember that the source of our hope and inspiration comes not only from the things that our nation has achieved, but also from the hope of what it can become.  
  “The Law Will Never Be Respected Until Those Who Enforce Are”

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