Commentary From A Very Critical Perspective

The issue of race and policing has been a front burner issue in our society ever since the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri in August of 2014.  Many have expressed the need to revive the discussion about race and policing in the United States.  The Massachusetts Association For Professional Law Enforcement’s production of  “Race and Policing” is our contribution to that effort. MAPLE members Al Puller, Ed Denmark and Mark Archer share their perspectives on this subject from a very unique and critical perspective. They either were, or are American police officers, and they are black.   This program explores the experiences of these men, prior to, and during their police careers. It provides a perspective rarely presented.  The discussion touches upon their experiences with policing’s color line, and the dynamics involved in performing their duties in a bi-racial environment.   They also provide their insights for building a more fair, equitable and safer future for everyone. The experience of being black and being a police officer is presented in a very thoughtful, human and at times humorous way.   This program was proudly produced in a cooperative effort between MAPLE and Westford Community Access Television.  It was produced and directed by Nini Cimini.   Dennis Galvin serves as the host.   This is a must watch for anyone concerned about the effort to integrate America, and for establishing a society that offers liberty and justice for all.

Here is the Link

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