December 19, 2018


Reform Is Urged To Reduce Tensions


            The Massachusetts Association For Professional Law Enforcement (MAPLE, an organization seeking police reform in the Commonwealth, issued a strong condemnation against those who would advocate violence against Police Officers. The group also condemned, as irresponsible and counterproductive, those who make allegations against police,  that are baseless and not supported by evidence. Acknowledging that police misconduct and abuse are significant factors contributing to the erosion of respect and hostility toward the police, MAPLE committed itself to the hard work of reform, pledging support for initiatives that would advance the ideal of unbiased and competent policing.

In a statement passed by its general membership on December 17, 2018, at Stonehill College in Easton MA, the group stated its belief that “the police service is a noble profession, which is absolutely essential for the protection of human life and liberty.”  In their statement the group singled out political figures, on both sides of the spectrum, who have tried to capitalize on public resentment of the police to advance a political agenda. In their condemnation, the group said that “reckless conduct can only destroy the hope and aspiration of achieving a more just, lasting and cooperative society.”

MAPLE formed in 2016 to address mounting controversy surrounding the conduct and practices of police officers.  The group has been particularly outspoken on the issue of Massachusetts State Police corruption.    The organization is comprised of current and former police officers and criminal justice educators, who are dedicated to raising the quality and effectiveness of American policing, and public awareness about the critical role the police play in our society.



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