Press Release – Blue Ribbon Commission Needed

October 23, 2018

PRESS RELEASE                         PRESS RELEASE                                PRESS RELEASE


The Massachusetts Association For Professional Law Enforcement, an organization comprised of current and former police officers, and criminal justice educators, is calling for Governor Charles Baker to appoint a “Blue Ribbon Commission” to conduct a stem to stern review of the Massachusetts State Police.  Calling the recent scandals, evidence of “systemic and pervasive” corruption, the reform group seeks a review of the Department by an independent panel of “law enforcement professionals”.  The panel would conduct their activities through a public forum for the purposes of developing a reform agenda, to help regain public trust and confidence in the agency.

In a statement released today, the group called the actions taken thus far to address the problems with State Police “ inadequate”, declaring that a more comprehensive, independent and professional assessment is needed.  The effectiveness of public commissions to root out major corruption in the New York City Police Department was cited to support the recommendation.  The group issued a warning that the failure to make necessary improvements in the administrative and operational structure of the Department would have “deleterious effect” on the state’s effort to stem the flow of illegal drugs, combat human trafficking, interdict terrorist activity and suppress gang violence.  Highway Safety would also be negatively impacted.

        “The law will never be respected until those who enforce it are.”

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