The Massachusetts Association For Professional Law Enforcement acknowledges, that the issue of immigration is a critical foreign and domestic issue, bearing directly upon the ability to maintain order and security in American communities.   Experience has shown that the vast majority of undocumented immigrants entering this country are often escaping conditions of extreme poverty, violence and social chaos.  Some of these individuals seek to exploit our system, engaging in both criminal and terrorist activities.  Immigration enforcement is a matter in which local law enforcement agencies should have wide discretion, however, we feel compelled to emphasize, that the police profession’s first responsibility is to protect the innocent from criminal exploitation and attack.  Upholding the law is integral to that responsibility.  Therefore, we do not support any local policy, that intentionally seeks to interfere with or obstruct the ability of any federal, state or local law enforcement agency to identify and remove from the American populace, individuals, who by their backgrounds or actions, pose a threat to the safety and security of our citizens or other law abiding persons.



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